The heart of my free spirit…

I’m still struggling to find my place in our new home. I LOVE it here, but I find that it’s difficult some days to keep my old fearful self from keeping in. Today though, the straw finally broke the camels back. I AM DONE stressing with Michigan drama that I have no control over. I AM DONE going back and forth about things that are not important. I AM READY to move on and look ahead. That’s why we moved out here…and it’s time to get back on that wagon.

S-o, in order to clear my head and lift my spirits, I am finally going to take a break from work and get out and enjoy something for myself. I’ve been dying to take some pictures out here and, while I don’t need an excuse to go breath in the beauty of some horses…I’m promising myself to get out to the horse farm sometime this week. In honor of this promise I Googled some horse photography. Breathtaking.

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    I wish you were here so I could drag you to Aman with me and we could run around like old times, no drama. At the same time Im pumped for your new start. It’s anything you want it to be…it’s everything you’ve wanted. Know your loved, there and here. Everyday is yours to make whatever you want of it. Tell the boundaries you feal enclosing you to eat it, and blast threw them. Your capable of AnyThing!!!

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