A thing of beauty. A thing of devastation.

Yes, that’s right, I’m talking about you computer that I’m working on…keyboard that I’m typing on…and mouse that, well, you’re just sitting there right now, but I will be using you to finalize the publishing of this post. I took you in this weekend…for the 2nd time in the last 2 months. You looked so beautiful sitting there at the Genius Bar. So much larger, so much brighter than the others. I was so proud. You are mine. You allow me to explore my creativity. You provide an infinite source of inspiration. You keep me company during my sleepless nights of bursting creativity. Those nights that I can’t help but toss and turn until finally, I pull myself out of the toasty covers. I  give in to the realization that there’s no hope in sleeping until I click File Save. But, best friend of mine, while your beautiful sleekness shines above all else, I must warn you, if you ever give me the spinning beach ball of death again, or start pogo-sticking my programs until I am forced to Force Quit because they are not responding, then that day may be your last. I do not wish to replace you. You are my baby. I love you. And I need you. I need you to let me explore my inspirations and develop my creative spirit. You inspire me every day. I am not ready to share that with someone else. But if you do not start behaving I will be forced to exchange you for a new, bright and shiny friend.

+Be Inspired Every Day+


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