The infamous battle between the right and the left…

Ahhh, to be right brained or left brained…I find it similar to the question ‘Do blonds really have more fun?’ It seems just as arbitrary at times. Take me for example…

I AM a creative…which defines me as right brained. I AM emotional, I AM passionate, I AM a dreamer, I AM anything I imagine…and my imagination is endless.

B-U-T…dun, dun, dun…then I look at the left brain. I AM a planner, I AM a list maker, I AM practical, I AM in search of control and order.

So, what am I? Am I blond? Do I really have more fun?

I AM me.

A special thanks to my RockStar brother-in-law for sending me this amazing illustration. To be able to let your mind wander like that…amazing!

+Be Inspired Every Day+




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