I’m amazed what the power of one voice can do…

I was having one of those days today…going through the motions, but not connecting with things. This move has been so fantastic and completely terrifying at the same time…and some days I find myself resorting back to the ‘old’ frightened me…the one that’s so completely terrified of failing that she doesn’t bother trying. This, of course, is completely ridiculous, but these last few months of self evaluation have lead me to realize that I’ve lived a large portion of my life with this philosophy. The move out here however, was the first step to taking back this power. And while I realize that some days may still be bumpy (apparently I can’t get away from the hazardous Michigan roads)…one day of potholes does not even come close to a lifetime of unrealized moments. I am here and I am strong and I am ready.

Part of my realization today was inspired by this video my husband sent me. This is a childhood friend of his. I’m amazed at the wisdom and eloquence of his lecture. Check it out!

Mike Rios – Dong Chim the Quarter-Life Crisis!

+Be Inspired Every Day+


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